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Урюпинск - столица российской провинции

     Uryupinsk is a lovely provincial town with a very curious historical past, worthy of respect for the present and promising future. However, he found his popularity in a completely unexpected way. It all began about three or four decades ago, when jokes began to pass not only from mouth to mouth, but already printed a modest column at the most undistinguished place in the last page of newspapers. And an unpretentious anecdote about a student who answered with unflappable calmness to the professor that he does not know the answer to any of the questions, something has sunk in the soul to millions of Russians. The culmination phrase of the professor: "Oh, to throw everything and go to Uryupinsk!" became just a talk in the city ... The jokes about Uryupinsk were proliferating at such a speed that local residents with some insult opened another issue of Komsomolskaya Pravda or some other central newspaper where again and again another bike appeared. This went on smoothly until one of the "fathers" of the city came up with the wise idea to use this fact as an advantageous chip. Goat town ?! Then let it be here that the first monument to a goat will appear in the world! Deep province? Then Uryupinsk should become the capital of the Russian province! It worked! In a dead-end city on the very outskirts of the Volgograd region, tourists began to look more and more often. Quite unexpectedly for themselves, they discovered how unique this remote place is from anecdotes! Surprising and impressive here a lot.
      The first thing that attracts tourists is the aforementioned monument to the goat. It is in the center of the city, very impressive size ... But the most important thing is that he is in Uryupinsk not without reason. Our region has long been famous for downy craft. In the dashing nineties, knitting in the literal sense helped many families survive. It was Uryupinsk who became the ancestor of the interregional competitions of puffed-up masters. In the year there is a goat museum, where you can see firsthand the most beautiful products of local craftsmen and even get to know the process of the birth of these fluffy masterpieces.

Памятник козе в центре Урюпинска

     For fans of plunging into the past, Uryupinsk is unique. Monuments of architecture, beautiful merchant houses, have been practically preserved here in pristine condition. In the local museum of local lore there are several exposition halls that will familiarize in the most detailed manner with the pre-revolutionary, military past of the Cossack region. For example, the guests of the city learn with curiosity that in the well-known story of Mikhail Sholokhov "The Fate of Man" the meeting of the main hero Andrei Sokolov with Vanyusha takes place in the tea town of Uryupinsk. Therefore, next to the building where the same tea house was located, there is a sculptural composition: Sokolov on a bench, Vanyusha ...

     If there is a desire to get acquainted with the atmosphere of Cossack life and life, then a more suitable place can not be found. In Uryupinsk not only remember and honor the Cossack traditions, they are kept and supported here. Therefore, in the local dialect often skips the Cossack dialect. On the central square of the city, in the evening park, on the stage of the House of Culture, Cossack songs sound constantly, as in the city and the region there are many talented creative groups that love to paint the color of Cossack songs and dances.

     The Uriyupians are proud of their past, remember the traditions of their ancestors, but at the same time they keep pace with the times. The city is becoming beautiful and changing before our eyes. Industrial enterprises are mastering new technologies, installing new equipment to master the production of products for the day's rage. For example, the assortment of the enterprise "Knitting Factory" is updated literally every season. It is here in due time very successfully began to produce T-shirts with the inscription "I'll leave everything and go to Uryupinsk!" T-shirts and other well-descripted slogans, attractive for tourists, form an unusual brand of a nice provincial town.

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